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My Festival of Light

The festival of Kali puja is not an ancient one. Kali puja was practically unknown before 18th century.It was introduced in Bengal by King Krishnachandra of Navadvipa.It gained popularity during 19th century as grandson of Krishnachandra and other elite landowner of the state began patronizing the festival in Grand scale. With Kali puja, the Hindus ( and everyone else ) celebrate the festival of Diwali or Deepavali.Diwali symbolises the spiritual “ victory of light over darkness,good over evil and knowledge over ignorance”. During these celebration, houses ,shops and other establishments decorates there premises with Diyas,candles and bright lights. Together Diwali and Kali puja is called the ” Festival of light “ in the subcontinent.

Kali puja and Diwali has always been  for me the candy to forget the post Durga puja blues. I still remember when i was little,my father use to buy two big bag full of fireworks  which i use to burn with my friends around the house. My mother going about the house in the evening,lighting Diyas ( a oil lamp of sort) and i use to help her out with the task. The houses in my locality use to dress themselves in bright neon lights,the skies use to light up with amazing colours and grandeurs of firewrok and all together the ambience of my small world back then  use to become a magical land write out of a fairytale.

Among it all, i use to have a Kodak KB10 film camera and i mesmerizingly use to empty two film rolls in an evening..shooting it all. I didn’t have much knowledge of photography back then and i use to click everything that my eye found beautiful. With this thought in mind, i wanted to do something different this year. Documenting the LIGHTS away from the concept of Asthetics and Perfection and away from my style of Photojournalism and just document this festival and it grandeur like i use to do back when i was still not a PHOTOGRAPHER.

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