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Majerhat bridge collapse

On Tuesday late afternoon (4th September, 2018),a section of busy Majerhat bridge in area of posh South Kolkata came crashing down , triggering shock across the city. Many people were feared trapped underneath, some still in their vehicle.

The 40-year-old bridge, built by the Port Trust, stood over the rail tracks of busy Majerhat Station.

According to eyewitnesses report, around 4.45 pm, a huge segment of the bridge came crashing down. “We were working nearby and suddenly heard a loud bang. Then, we saw a portion of the bridge collapse,” said a laborer engaged in metro railway work who witnessed the collapse of Majerhat bridge in Kolkata on Tuesday, according to news agency PTI.

“Had it collapsed on the railway tracks a major disaster could have occurred if a train arrived at that time,” he said.

According to news report . Days before Kolkata’s Majerhat Bridge collapsed – Eastern Railways, in charge of a section of the bridge, had warned of the imminent danger in a letter sent to the Kolkata Metropolitan Development Authority (KMDA), a statutory body under the state’s Urban Affairs Ministry. exactly six weeks ago, on July 27.

Eastern Railways team that inspected the bridge on July 21 “found visible deflection towards Sealdah end” of the very slab that collapsed.In simpler terms: The slab or span that fell had gone out of alignment and that was visible to the naked eye.The letter also warned, “There are locations having exposed reinforcements in deck slabs and some cracks in piers over isolated locations that require attention. “The letter was addressed to the Superintendent Engineer, South Circle, GAP sector, KMDA.

Shortly after the bridge collapsed, personnel from fire brigade, police and NDRF reched the spot. Locals too chipped in with the rescue work.
A minibus, four cars and a few motorbikes damaged by the accident lay at the site as rescue workers tried to pull out the injured from the vehicles. At the end 3 people were killed in the collapse.

Majerhat bridge collapse brings back the cruel memory of Posta bridge collapse in 2016 arising a lot of questions to the safety of daily commuting  in this ever growing city.With well over 100 bridges around the city, the citizen wonders on the authorities who holds Kolkata and its development projects to world class level will ensure the responsible people to wake up and take care of bear minimum of maintenance of the cities 100 year old transportation networks and roads so that they can be at peace knowing that their loved one will return home safe even from their daily schedule.

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