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COVID-19 : INDIA ( A New Normal)

COVID-19 ( coronavirus disease 2019 ) is an infectious disease caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 ( SARS-COV-2 ) previously known as 2019 novel coronavirus ( 2019 – nCOV ), a strain of coronavirus.

The first cases were seen in Wuhan , China late of December 2019 before spreading around the world.

The disease was declared global pandemic by World Health Organization ( WHO ) on 11 March 2020.

As of 5th May , the global number of cases hit well over 4 million and patients have been diagnosed in over 187 territories in 6 continents around the globe.

The R-nod ( Basic reproduction number ) of SAR-COV-2  has been estimated between 2.2 and 3.2, which means a individual can cause about 2-3 new infections.

The median incubation period of SARS-COV-2 is around 5.1 days,which means 97 % becomes symptomatic in around 11 days of being infected. The Mortality rate of the virus is around 2-3 % of total infected cases.

Owing to declaration of pandemic by WHO, India declared a national lockdown on 25th of March. A preventive measure to tackle the spread of COVID-19. On March 25th  the cases stood just over 500,which now stands over 90000 confirmed cases in country today.

The Largest lock down in the World :

 India boasts a population of over 130 Crore people, and is stated as the largest economy in the world. With these taglines comes a bigger problem, a large populous means a large number of COVID-19 infection count. India ranks 150th on Global medical facilities ranking and hence it poses a greater headache for the government to tackle if even 1% of the population gets effected by COVID-19. Hence taking a drastical step, PM Narendra Modi declared a nation wide lock down on 25th March to curb the spread of the virus. Currently the lock down has entered its 3rd phase and is said to be extended further as dated on 17th May,2020.


According to many, the India lock down was one of most unplanned measure taken by Indian government to fight SARS-COV-2. A country where over 40% lives below poverty line and depends on daily wages and work to survive, a sudden lock down of all livelihood without any financial aid caused a massive headache for almost all of the population. With manufacturing a businesses shutting down, the labor classes were stranded far from home as there employers asked them to leave without pay. Hence many opted to walk home between states to reach their native places , and worse many took the way out of committing suicide.

After days of heated debates,the government finally decided to start a part of railway network to bring back these migrant laborers and also stranded citizens in various states home,taking all preventive measures possible, solving only a small part of the problem of the migrant labors and citizens wanting to reach home,as many cannot afford the tickets after being unemployed in a stranger province for months,and even the one who could,have to wait in the long line of waiting list of railway reservations for theses trains.

Living with the Virus ( India Unlock ) :

From June 1st , 2020 . Indian Government slowly started to withdraw lockdown restrictions from the state. Certain norms and protocols were introduced for business and civilians to go by their daily lives amidst the pandemic. India as of now stands at the second highest affected country in the world , with GDP falling way below negative , the government had no choice to open up the country in phases for now.


A Couple wearing mask exist a temple after their nuptials during Unlock phase.

Companies and scientists around the world are working 24×7 to find the cure for COVID-19 and discover a vaccine against the virus. With early researches implying to usefulness of Anti-Malaria drugs being successful against the disease using blood plasma transfusion in treating COVID-19 victims. But till date there are no strong evidence that these treatments are 100% useful in treating a COVID-19 patient. Hence the search is still on for a cure and it won't likely be soon that any solution to the pandemic will be found.

With this thought is mind, the World health organization and respective governments has initiated various protocols of living for it citizens. Wearing mask and maintaining social distance has become a New Normal for everyone around the world till a vaccine comes to the rescue against SARS-COV-2.


COVID-19 is not a matter of joke . It is an enemy that you can’t see through bare eyes. Hence please take all precautionary measure when you go out. Photographing the pandemic is a critical job,and only for trained Journalist. It is suggested not to venture out with a camera if you are not properly trained and has proper equipment to protect yourself from the virus. Having said that , the author has taken all preventive measures ( ppe,mask,protective clothing,disinfectent) and trained enough to know how to safely document the pandemic in the city of Kolkata and his country at large.

Fact and Article source WHO ,

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